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To make your life easier entering or leaving Portugal

As a result of today´s geographic mobility needs, Ei! makes life easier for all those who decide to find new challenges in their life journeys.

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  • Olá!

    I’m Sorina Burlacu!

    I’m Ei! Migration consultant

    More about Sorina

    With over a decade of deep knowledge of law practice, it was on migration consultancy that I found out what I really like to do: Helping people during the geographic mobility process! I can help you with:

    • Pre-departure Assistance
    • High Qualified Professionals Visa
    • Investment Visa / Golden Visa
    • Obtaining Residence Permit
    • Retirees Visa
    • Family Reunion

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    I’m fluent in English, Romanian, Russian, French and Portuguese.

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  • Olá!

    I’m Gilda Pereira, from Portugal

    I’m Ei! founder and managing partner.

    More about Gilda

    I consider myself a citizen of the World! My professional life was always based on Business and Tax Consulting, regarding company’s Internationalization process, and Expats Management! I can help you with:

    • Tax Consultant
    • Expats Management
    • Resident Permit based on Investment
    • Migration Consulting
    • Investment consultant
    • Integration process in Portugal

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    I’m fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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  • Olá!

    I’m Carla Carvalho, from Portugal

    I’m Ei! Migration assistant.

    More about Carla

    With Ei! I finally feel professionally accomplished doing what I like. I can help you with:

    • Visa from Portugal to the World
    • House Hunting
    • Certification of Documents
    • Exchange of Driving License
    • Support in the Selection of Schools and Enrolment
    • Opening of Bank Account

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    I’m fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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  • André Almeida

    André AlmeidaBusiness Consulting

    I use my 10 years of experience as a Business Consulting to help SMB’s, mainly in technology sector, to validate and establish in Portugal.

  • Farhood KarimiSaber

    Farhood KarimiSaberBusiness Developer

    Experience in business consulting and investment with international coordination in the Middle East. In charge of expanding the Ei to new markets and partnerships.

  • Cristina Amaral

    Cristina AmaralMigration Consultant

    With more than 10 years of experience in business consulting, with major focus on Human Resources Management and Finance. Now embraces the challenge of migration consulting.

We are a solid team of professionals with technical expertise and experience

We know that planning a move to another country it’s not easy, but we are here to help.

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Since 2014, we’ve been advising travellers all over the world.
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  • 98% success rate on Visa application

    We take care of the entire process for the issuance of your visa with fast and reliable results.

  • +3500 happy clients with not so much in common

    Students, businessmen, entrepeuneurs, travellers, adventurers and many more trust our services.

  • +46 nationalities from all over the world

    Brazil, Angola, Israel, China, Russia, USA, Australia, Balcans, Mozambique, Japan and counting work with us.

  • 450 united families

    through the family reunification with people with residence permit in Portugal or UE citizens

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