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To make your life easier entering or leaving Portugal

As a result of today´s geographic mobility needs, Ei! makes life easier for all those who decide to find new challenges in their life journeys.

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  • Gilda Pereira

    Gilda PereiraCEO - Founder
    Gilda has a degree in Law and a post-graduation in small and medium-size enterprises management. It was from her personal experience as a migrant and from her passion for migrations that she decided to found Ei! – the first migration agency in Portugal, in 2014. The company was born from her desire to make life easier to all those who decide to move to another country. Defending her clients and their rights outside of their home country, the CEO of Ei! tries to innovate every day to show better solutions, accounting for each specific case, making Ei! an agency with a near 100% success rate.


  • Leonor Cabrita

    Leonor CabritaFinancial and Quality ControllerLeonor has a degree and a Masters in Civil Engineering and a post-graduation in Finance and Business Control. She directs Ei!’s financial department and deals with the payment processes of companies and individual clients. Being experienced in company organisation, Leonor also tries to implement procedures and methods that promote more internal efficiency, and consequently a better customer service from Ei!.


The Legal Department at Ei! s Legal Department has accumulated years of legal experience, spread across various areas, to provide full support for the migration process.

  • Filipa Abreu

    Filipa AbreuHead of Legal DepartmentFilipa Abreu, born in the Madeira Island, is a lawyer with a post-graduation in Migration Law and a Masters in International Law and International Relations. She coordinates Ei!’s legal department since 2021.

  • Cláudia Branco

    Cláudia BrancoHead of Oporto OfficeClaudia Branco is a lawyer coursing a Masters in Legal Forensic Science. She has been in Ei! since 2017 and is the coordinator of our office in Oporto.

  • Renata Monteiro

    Renata MonteiroMigration ConsultantRenata Monteiro, born in Brazil, a lawyer with a post-graduation in Environmental and Urban Law, is part of the legal department of our office in Oporto since 2021.

  • Carolina Cruz

    Carolina CruzMigration ConsultantCarolina Cruz, born in Brazil, is a historian and lawyer with a Masters in International Law and International Relations and a PhD in Law History. Since 2021 she’s been part of the Legal Department of the office located in Lisbon.

  • Carolina Machado

    Carolina MachadoMigration ConsultantCarolina Machado is a lawyer coursing a Masters in Legal Forensic Science. She became part of the Legal Department at the company’s head office in Lisbon in 2023.

  • Luciana Zettel

    Luciana ZettelMigration ConsultantLuciana is from Brazil, she is lawyer both in Brazil and in Portugal and part of the legal team at Ei! Luciana has been part of the company since 2021.


At Ei! Assessoria Migratória our Visa Department is aimed at individual clients who are looking to immigrate to Portugal, and this can involve a wide range of objectives, such as investment, study, looking for work or simply seeking to improve the quality of life.

  • Carolina Cunha

    Carolina CunhaHead of Visa DepartmentCarolina has a degree in Law and she directs the private visa department, namely D7 visas and D8 Digital Nomad visas. She accompanies clients throughout the whole migration process from the start, planning the strategy until they get their visas. Her previous experience in the Law field allows her to develop strategies that ensure a calm process for the clients, with as little bureaucracy as possible and with great results.

  • Mariane Sato

    Mariane SatoMigration ConsultantMariane is Brazilian, has legal training, and is part of the visa department. She worked in the Portuguese Consulate in London for two years and uses that experience in communicating with consulates as well as to make migration plans for her clients. She is also part of the Legal Department, advising clients in Residence Permit processes.

  • Diana Arias

    Diana AriasMigration ConsultantDiana is from Colombia, where she obtained her legal training and has a master's degree in Human Resources. She is on the visa department, where her experience in the Latin American market is valued and considered an advantage when accompanying clients during their migration process.

  • Mariana Henriques

    Mariana HenriquesMigration ConsultantMariana has a degree in Political Science and International Relations and is coursing a Masters in Migrations. She is part of Ei!’s private visa team – where her training together with her experience in direct contact with clients is applied daily.

  • Sara Santos

    Sara SantosMigration ConsultantSara is trained in International Relations and is part of the private visa department. She interned in the Portuguese Refugee Council and uses this experience in her daily work both in contacting clients and in planning the strategy for migration processes.


At Ei! Assessoria Migratória our Corporate Immigration Solutions Department we specialize in facilitating the smooth migration of global talent to Portugal. Our dedicated corporate department is committed to assisting businesses in hiring international talent, ensuring a seamless and efficient immigration process for companies looking to thrive in the Portuguese market by using talent from across borders.

  • Lígia Andrade

    Lígia AndradeHead of Corporate DepartmentLígia Andrade has dual nationality, Angolan and Portuguese. She is the leader of the Corporate department since 2021. She has a Masters in International Management and specialises in Global Mobility. She is responsible for visas and document requests for people coming to work in Portugal. With plenty experience in her role, she diligently accompanies the beginning of migration processes and helps our clients with everything necessary for the success of these procedures.

  • Karissie Silva

    Karissie SilvaMigration ConsultantBorn in Brazil, lawyer with an MBA in business management, Karissie Silva is part of this team since 2019, being one of the people responsible for taking business clients via the Corporate department. With experience in visa and document application for people that will enter the Portuguese labour market. Her role is to indicate the best strategy for the future of migration.


  • Carla Carvalho

    Carla CarvalhoRelocation ManagerCarla has a degree in education and a post-graduation in Business Consulting and has been working in Ei since the company started. She directs the Lisbon Relocation Department – being responsible for looking for housing, exchanging driving licences, acquiring health numbers, a residence certificate, as well as the European health card, as well as enrolment in schools and universities.

  • Ana Motta

    Ana MottaRelocation ManagerAna was born in Brazil and is trained in Health and is studying to become a solicitor. At the moment she is responsible for the Oporto Relocation Department, where searching for housing is the most requested service. She deals daily with real estate agencies where her knowledge as a solicitor is a great advantage.

  • Carolina Muralha

    Carolina MuralhaRelocation AssistantCarolina belongs to the Lisbon Relocation Department and has a degree in journalism. Her training and experience in the field are an advantage in communicating with the clients and the various entities with which she works daily.

  • Hivana Luna

    Hivana LunaRelocation AssistantHivana was born in Brazil and has a degree in Language and Linguistics. She has translation experience in the commercial field, in which she worked for 8 years. At the moment, she applies all her knowledge at the Oporto Relocation Department.


  • Andreia Pinto

    Andreia PintoTax ConsultantAndreia has a Masters in Tax Law. She volunteered regularly before becoming the head of Ei!’s Tax Department, coordinating client tax changes/ impacts with the other departments.


  • Daniela Sousa

    Daniela SousaAdministrativeDaniela is trained in Translation and Interpretation and is Ei!’s administrative assistant. She draws on her academic resources daily, as well as on her large experience in customer service to provide a quick and efficient communication to receive clients.

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