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To make your life easier entering or leaving Portugal

As a result of today´s geographic mobility needs, Ei! makes life easier for all those who decide to find new challenges in their life journeys.

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  • Gilda Pereira

    Gilda Pereira
    Gilda is the result of a series of migrations that took place in her ancestors, perhaps that is why she decided to give up on everything just to dedicate herself to this cause and co-founded the first immigration agency in Portugal. Her motto is: contributing to break frontiers!

  • Francesca Fraga

    Francesca Fraga
    She is from Brazil and she did the D7 process with us back in 2017, she loved us so much that she didn’t left. She is probably the first person you are going to meet and book your migration consultation. She also the person that will be sending you all the correspondence we will get on your behalf (tax authorities, Banks, insurance).

  • Sorina Burlacu

    Sorina Burlacu
    Sorina is originally from Moldavia but she toke her law degreed in Portugal and her passion for migration brought her to Ei! She looks shy but she has already taken care of more that 2000 relocation processes. She especialized in the high qualified visa and tech visa working mainly with it companies.

  • Carla Carvalho

    Carla Carvalho
    Our relocation queen! Being part of this company since the beginning Carla became an expert in relocation issues such as: finding and negotiating a rental agreement, taking care of your enrolment at the public health system, school enrollments, exchanging of driving licenses and legalization of imported vehicles.

  • Cristina Amaral

    Cristina Amaral
    She is the lady boss and the guardian of the company money, so she will be the one sending you the invoices according to each step and making sure the money will be received with success so we can move on to next step! She is also one of our D7 visas experts.

  • Ana Vilaboim

    Ana Vilaboim
    Always Happy and ready to make jokes, Ana will be the person taking care of your NIF and opening of your Portuguese bank account. She is very tuff and resilient dealing with the tax authorities and she has gained their respect during the years, therefore she always gets good results.

  • Vanda de Mello

    Vanda de Mello
    Always innovative and futuristic, with a consolidated career in digital marketing and advertising, Vanda is an important piece for Ei!’s image to be positioned in the world’s eyes.

  • Karissie Silva

    Karissie Silva
    Karissie is very organised and because she spends most of her time speaking with SEF Call center team, they already know her very well and misses her when she doesn’t call them. She also takes care of D2 and D3 visas for it companies.

Visa, Migration and Tax Consulting Team

To guide the visa processes, you will have one of these team members to look after and put all the pieces together to ensure the success of your visa / process.

  • Claudia Branco

    Claudia Branco

  • Ana Motta

    Ana Motta

  • Karla Morais

    Karla Morais

  • Marta Medeiros

    Marta Medeiros

We are a solid team of professionals with technical expertise and experience

We know that planning a move to another country it’s not easy, but we are here to help.

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  • 98% success rate on Visa application

    We take care of the entire process for the issuance of your visa with fast and reliable results.

  • +3500 happy clients with not so much in common

    Students, businessmen, entrepeuneurs, travellers, adventurers and many more trust our services.

  • +46 nationalities from all over the world

    Brazil, Angola, Israel, China, Russia, USA, Australia, Balcans, Mozambique, Japan and counting work with us.

  • 450 united families

    through the family reunification with people with residence permit in Portugal or UE citizens

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